$Guap Has A Plan To Recycle Wealth
Within Black Communities

Using Blockchain Technology

ICO Token Sale:

What is $Guap?

$Guap is a token built on Ethereum Blockchain technology. It is a spendable token designed to reward consumers for supporting black-owned businesses and urban institutions. $Guap will restore and expand “Black Wall Street”  larger than it ever was. $Guap is more than a solution, it is a revolution.

What does $Guap do to solve the problem of circulating wealth in the Black community?

$Guap will fund, support, and circulate amongst its own merchant network that rewards consumers for supporting community businesses, grassroots organizations, and HBCUs. Our network of black-owned businesses will accept $Guap initially alongside of fiat currency as a savings token. Customers who make purchases via merchant websites or offline in brick and mortar stores will be able to use $Guap for savings. Offline Merchants and Event organizers will have access to Beacon technology that automatically rewards patrons with $Guap tokens. $Guap will be the cryptocurrency that gives back, ensuring that not only will consumers save but they will have access to funds to build and thrive.

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 Why the need for $GUAP?

Circulating money within the community is critical to keeping black-owned businesses alive. They cannot compete with giant corporations and are unable to pass on adequate savings to consumers. They have a vested interested in the communities where they reside, so they are essential for strengthening local opportunities for so-called minorities. Community businesses drive not only economics but also politics. They help fund interests that benefit the launch of new businesses, schools, and philanthropic efforts. The community thrives and less people suffer displacement due to either poverty or gentrification.


  • Token Sale
  • ICO Bonus
  • Retained
  • Early Adopters

The total token supply fixed at
10 Billion (9,999,999,999) GPE, of which:

  •  4 Billion allocated to Token Sale
  •  2.5 Billion ICO Bonus
  •  2 Billion Retained by Guap Coin, LLC
  • 1.5 Billion Early Adopters
  • Ethereum ERC20 token

Online Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH

$300 USD = 90,000 GPE

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Less 10 ETH / 0.76 BTC From 10 ETH / 0.76 BTC and more
Presale 30% bonus
(1 ETH/ or 0.076 BTC = 117,000 GPE)
40% bonus
(1ETH/ or 0.076 BTC = 126,000 GPE)
Public ICO
First 10 days 20% bonus 30% bonus
Second 10 days 10% bonus 20% bonus
Remaining 40 days 5% bonus 15% bonus


1 BTC = $19338.69 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 ETH = $722.26 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 LTC = $319.33 USD  (via Coinbase)
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Tavonia Evans


Tavonia Evans

Technology veteran Tavonia Evans has well over 15 years of experience in Development, Design, Business Intelligence & Data, and Marketing. Her diverse background has contributed to her success as a rising star within the world of startups. She is the Co-Founder of Safe2Meet, a reputation verification platform, and left Safe2Meet to develop her own cryptocurrency – $Guap. Tavonia has worked within Enterprise, Government, and Entertainment on some very exciting and rewarding projects during her career.



Eric Duncan

Chief Technology Officer

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan is an accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. His reputation precedes him as he is well-known for his personable approach and efficaciously providing his consulting services for several top tier companies such as, the National Institute of Health, Merrill Lynch, Coopers & Lybrand, Ernst & Young, Estee Lauder, GEICO and Credit Suisse, to name a few.

World Wind Multimedia is his company which has always been in the forefront of digital technology, providing creative solutions for the multimedia industry. Web design, graphic design, music engineering and virtual reality projects are all part of their portfolio.

As a pioneering media evangelist he knew incorporating the evolution of digital currency was going to be essential to the success of any future business model. GUAP is the cumulation of all his business and multimedia expertise.

Dondre Anderson

VP of Technology

Dondre Anderson

Dondre Anderson is a dynamic, visionary, Senior-Level Technology Executive with multi-industry experience for large scale global, industries. He has expertise in the areas of Strategic and Operational Planning, Quality and Performance Improvement, Web Development & Management, Budgeting and Financial Reporting and Organizational Management most recently as Technology Enterprise Architect at MARTA, the major transit authority in Atlanta, Georgia. Dondre has over 17 years of demonstrated success driving growth in targeted areas such as planning, directive activities, and innovative information technology applications.

Prior to his current role, Dondre was Principal Enterprise Architect at American Express. He also served as Product Manager at HiSoftware. In both roles he was responsible for leading the program to develop, maintain and leverage all aspects of Enterprise Architecture (EA) across the organization.

Dondre spent 14 years of his career as an entrepreneur at his company Baetronics, LLC. During this time he developed relationships with high profile clients such as MARTA, Center for Disease Control (CDC), Global Payments, and Lockheed Martin formalizing development processes, coaching and mentoring staff, creating cost-savings, and increasing organizational effectiveness.

He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering and BS in Computer Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University. He is Microsoft SharePoint and Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.

Dondre resides in Atlanta, GA and is a father of four. His interests include cooking, traveling, and discovering new ways to leverage technologies.

Toyia McCormack

Chief Visionary Officer

Toyia McCormack

Toyia is an Organizational, Systems and People, Transformationist. Toyia joined Guap Coin, LLC as the Chief Innovation Officer in 2017, with 20+ years as an IT Executive in various Product Development roles. Her expertise has been contributed to several top Fortune 500 companies; such as AT&T, Ernst & Young, IHG, Assurance, Equifax, and Coca-Cola Enterprises. Toyia’s expertise is supporting her clients in understanding their vision of the experience they would like their users to have in utilizing their product and actualizing that experience through development.
Toyia’s contribution to humanity includes a wide array of altruistic passions and interests, the first of which lead her to become a certified Spiritual Life Coach at the renowned Internationally recognized Inner Visions Institute founded and lead by Iyanla Vanzant, whose work is transforming lives on the OWN Network since its inception. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Toyia’s focus is transforming lives based upon spiritual principles, practices, protocols and universal laws; Toyia integrates these consciousness-raising concepts in every facet of her personal and professional endeavors. Toyia is a sought after speaker and conducts spiritual healing workshops in addition to one–on-one coaching.

Toyia is also a founding member of The Women Solidarity Society and affiliate of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and serves on the Board of Trustees for Unity Atlanta.

Toyia completed her BA in Psychology at Ashford University, and earned a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership Development at Gonzaga University. She also received a coveted Masters Certification in Servant Leadership from Gonzaga, University.

When this family oriented, woman of prestige, lets her hair down, you can find her filling her home with arousing aromas…cooking gourmet meals and baking a plethora of confections; while enjoying her family, good music and traveling.

Toyia has two amazingly gifted kids and lives in Peachtree Corners, GA.

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