About $GUAP

$GUAP – Urban vernacular for money, an abundance of money.

$GUAP is about community economics and building a strong foundation or basis for long-term economic wealth particularly for the underserved communities like those of the Black & Brown Community. We are not limiting our services to those communities, nor do we seek to exclude any other community. However, from our standpoint – we have to BEGIN with these communities because that is where we can have the greatest positive impact on the entire world.

We are solving for the economic obstacles that prevent us from taking full advantage of  technical, blockchain, and FinTech innovations.

our services

decentralized applications

The $GUAP Market

Our big data platform that collects and analyzes transaction information pulled from the blockchain so that consumer in the Black Community view growth of community businesses as well as analyze risks.

The $GUAP Wallet

Our easy to use multi-currency wallet focusing on coins such as $GUAP and Crypto education.


Our own decentralized exchange designed to provide a simpler trading interface as well as education “newbies” on Crypto and Crypto-trading.


Our music platform designed to empower artists with the tools to distribute their music as well as build and monetize a fan base.

meet the founder

Tavonia Evans

Tavonia Evans


Long time Engineer, Designer, and Developer Tavonia Evans founded $GUAP with the vision of making an economic impact on her community.

Tavonia Evans is a 44 year old native of New York and “mompreneur” with a 20 year background in technology. Not new to the world of startups, Tavonia made the transition into the world of Blockchain in 2016 as a result of identifying Cryptocurrency as a tool that could stimulate economic growth and freedom within the Black community. She is one of the first Black woman heralded as being the founder and lead engineer in developing a coin with such a mission within the Black community.

Since 2017, she has become a global voice for blockchain, and has spoken on diversity and the impact of blockchain technology in a variety of forums. Her goal is to educate both minorities & women on the potential of cryptocurrency to liberate the masses from poverty while providing greater access to funding.