Frequently Asked Questions

Does GUAP have it's own blockchain?

Yes it does. Prior to September of 2018 GUAP was an Ethereum Token. It was always GUAP’s mission to operate independently of any other blockchain in order to segment the black economy and more effectively address it’s need. The GUAP blockchain has been established and will officially launch October 1, 2018. GUAP is no longer on Ethereum, and those who are holding the old ERC-20 tokens will upgrade to the new coin.

Will GUAP be available on any exchanges?

GUAP will be available on multiple exchanges as soon as the first week of October 2018. The exchanges will be listed on the website shortly, check back frequently.

Is there an Android/IOS Wallet available yet?

GUAP is decentralized – meaning it belongs to the community. Feel free to create one.

What is the most secure way to store GUAP?

The most secure way to store GUAP is to generate a paper wallet (offline/cold storage) wallet. Information on how to interact with your offline wallet will be proved in our tutorial’s section on or around October 1.

What is a Masternode?

Masternodes are servers connected to a network, or blockchain that carries out specific functions pertinent to the operation of the blockchain. A masternode is a full node or a cryptocurrency wallet that is fully synced on the blockchain.

Some of the functions a Masternode may perform are:

  • Processing private transactions
  • Processing instant transactions
  • Participate in governance or voting

There is a sizable investment to purchasing and running a masternode which is why masternode holders have to be incentivized (paid) to do so.

How do we obtain a GUAP Masternode?

For a limited time we are conducting a presale of masternodes (including GUAP Coins) to obtain one please click this link and submit the form to start the process.

What is the GUAP Governance Model

The GUAP Governance model is centered around both our community and Masternodes. Our Masternodes are responsible for voting on funding requests submitted by the community. When a proposal for funds is approved then the fund will be sent to the wallet of the requestor. It is a simple system aimed at providing a way for community member to obtain funding for their business or organization.

When will the Business Funding website launch?

The GUAP business platform, which will handle business data as well as accept proposals from business owners will launch late November.

I would like more information or help with GUAP or the website.

Click on this link to submit a support ticket and a member of our support team will respond within 24 hours.